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Aerospace field

Aerospace field



Professional strengthening steel shot and carbon steel shot for surface strengthening or shaping of aerospace workpiece

OW strengthened steel shot is mainly used for strengthening treatment and surface shaping shot blasting. This product is designed to meet all high specification standards (AMS standard and many other proprietary specifications) of aerospace and military industry.

Customer use

#1 performance

The component cycle after SP steel treatment is increased by 200% to 1400% or higher: engine parts, landing gear, wings, structural parts, transmission parts,...

Corrected component shape: leading edge, wing structure, fuselage...


Aerospace field


#2 Aerospace only: strictly abide by all aerospace standards

AMS 2431 / 1: Cast steel shot, ASR, conventional hardness (45~52 HRC)

AMS 2431/2: cast steel shot, ASH, high hardness (55~62 HRC)

DMR 71-110 (Safran Group)

P11TF3-S19 & P11TF8-S11 (General Electric)

CSS 119 and CSS 120 (Rolls-Royce)

ABP 1-2028 (Airbus)

BAC 5730 (Boeing)

And other proprietary specifications


#3 health and safety

The unit packaging is 25 kg in accordance with international standards, which is convenient to handle and safe while preventing musculoskeletal diseases of operators.


Product Technical Index


Conventional hardness (45~52 HRC)

High hardness (55~62 HRC)


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