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Automobile field

Automobile field



OW superfine steel shot

It has high sphericity, which is a superfine high-carbon steel shot specially used for precision shot peening strengthening. The hardness of OW superfine steel shot is extremely high, which can transfer energy to the shot-blasted workpiece very efficiently and has high elasticity.



Automobile field#1 Performance:

It can achieve the surface integrity of the workpiece by shot peening.

Ability to handle complex shapes

Higher performance in terms of fatigue, coefficient of friction and wear resistance

#2 Higher cost effectiveness:

Optimize your ultra-fine shot peening process cost

Long service life

#3 Innovation:

Achieve new performance attributes through functional modification (friction performance, heat scattering, corrosion resistance, antibacterial activity, etc.)


OW Superfine Steel Shot Technical Data Sheet

Average specification

Specification range: 50-150um


63 - 67 HRc

(770 – 900 Hv)

Density> 7 g/cm3

Chemical composition %C: 0,40-1,10 / %Si: <1,30 / %Mn: <1,00 / S&P <0,05

General shape product with high sphericity

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