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Casting field

Casting field


Ready-to-use mixture products for air blasting surface treatment.

OW super hard steel grit

It is a super hard steel grit specially designed for air blasting applications. Because the particle size distribution of this new product is the same as the ready-to-use mix, the frequency and amount of abrasives added have little effect on the profile. Result: The surface profile is consistent. Efficient and wear-resistant.



Casting field#1 Quality: Make the surface profile achieve a unique consistency.
Surface cleanliness and cleaning efficiency can be improved.
The surface profile is more optimized, which can enhance the adhesion strength of the coating.

#2 Performance: productivity is 20% higher than traditional abrasive
High performance, low consumption, low wear on sandblasting equipment.
The best roughness can ensure that the adhesion strength of the coating is enhanced and the consumption of the coating is reduced.

#3 Working conditions: Improve working conditions for operators
The amount of dust is lower and the visibility is higher.
The environmental impact is smaller.


OW Super Hard Steel Grit Technical Data Sheet
Product name PR 23 PR 45 PR 58
Nominal specifications
(Sieve number)
0,71 mm
0,42 mm
0,30 mm
Hardness> 64 HRc
Density> 7,6
Chemical composition Carbon 0.85% minimum/silicon 0.4% minimum/manganese 0.6-1.2%/sulfur 0.05% maximum/phosphorus 0.05% maximum
Basic shape

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