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Owen Steel Pills, spherical in appearance, are refined by using the advanced production technology of the OW Group in the United States and foreign production equipment, combined with its own original heat treatment process. Steel shot is a commonly used metal surface processing material. It has a tight organization and uniform particle size. It can be used to remove oxide scale on the surface of metal workpieces, sand cleaning of castings, and deburring of parts. After the shot blasting, the workpiece can increase the pressure of the metal surface, and can well improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece. It can also strengthen the surface while cleaning the workpiece.
Owen Steel Shot's proper hardness, good rebound, high cleaning efficiency, low consumption, and fast cleaning speed, especially the internal corners and complex-shaped workpieces can be cleaned evenly and quickly, reducing the surface treatment time, It is a good surface treatment material to improve work efficiency. In short: Owen Steel Shot is highly efficient and wear-resistant, which can reduce the overall cost for you.
As a commonly used metal surface treatment material, steel shots have many types and models. For different types of steel shots, the application fields are different, such as aerospace, steel, steel pipes, steel structures, automobiles, shipbuilding, casting, forging, Hardware tools, stone processing, gear strengthening and other fields.
Creating an industry pioneer and making excellent products is the unremitting pursuit of Irving!
Alloy steel shot: S390 (S1.2):
Sand removal, forging, heat treatment, steel plate, steel pipe section steel, and steel structure parts of medium and small castings, surface treatment stone cutting before spitting and plating.
Alloy steel shot: S390 (S1.2) Features:
1. The metallographic structure of the alloy cast steel shot is tight and the particle size is uniform, which can eliminate the stress and improve the surface strength of the workpiece. 2. The steel shot has good rebound when cleaning the workpiece, the cleaning speed is fast, and the consumption is low.
3. The steel shot has moderate hardness, good toughness, impact resistance and can be recycled.
Alloy steel shot: S390 (S1.2) Application range:
Sand cleaning for castings, marble surface cleaning, ceramic cleaning, non-ferrous metal surface cleaning, steel plate rust removal, steel structure rust removal, etc.
Applicable equipment: pass-through shot blasting machine, steel plate pretreatment line, large-scale blasting room, hook type shot blasting machine.
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