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Owen steel grit, angular appearance, broken from selected Owen spherical steel shots. It is a commonly used metal surface processing material. It is mainly used in air-powered sandblasting machines. The angle of steel sand is sharp, the hardness is moderate, and the particle size is uniform. It can effectively remove the scale on the surface of the metal workpiece and make the surface of the workpiece Producing suitable roughness is conducive to the adhesion and adhesion of subsequent paint films. Owen steel grit has undergone a special modulation heat treatment, so the consumption is low and the cleaning speed is fast, which can greatly shorten the surface treatment time of the workpiece. It is a very good surface treatment material. In short: Irving steel grit is highly efficient and wear-resistant. On the premise of meeting your use needs, it reduces the overall cost for you.
As a commonly used metal surface treatment material, steel sand has a wide range of types. For different types of steel sand, the application fields are different, such as shipyards, steel companies, steel pipe anticorrosion, auto parts, foundries, forging plants, hardware tools Industry, stone processing and other fields.
Creating an industry pioneer and making excellent products is the unremitting pursuit of Irving!
Round steel shot
The product is a spherical hypereutectoid steel (C ≥ 0,85%) steel ball after quenching and tempering treatment. The perfectly controlled heat treatment makes this product have the best elasticity and fatigue resistance.
This type of steel shot is widely used, and is suitable for various applications that require a rebound effect or strengthening effect.
Angular steel grit
The angular cast steel grit is made by crushing large steel balls after special heat treatment. This product is used for blast cleaning or surface treatment.
GP steel grit
This product is made by quenching and tempering treatment, the new product is angular, can be quickly rounded in use, especially suitable for rust removal.
GL steel grit
This product is made by quenching and tempering treatment. Although its hardness is higher than GP steel grit, the sharp edges of GL steel grit will also be rounded during the sandblasting process, especially suitable for rust removal and surface treatment applications. .
GH steel grit
GH steel grit is quenched, so it has the maximum hardness and always maintains corners during the operation. This product is particularly effective when used in surface treatment processes, and can achieve a uniform etching surface effect.
Most of them require air compressor equipment when used.
G14 (S1.7) steel grit characteristics:
1. The angular steel grit is crushed by alloy steel shots, and the hypereutectoid steel is angular and polyhedral.
2. Made by grinding through special heat treatment, it has high hardness, strong toughness and strong impact resistance.
3. The angular steel grit can be used repeatedly, with strong adhesion, and clean the workpiece thoroughly.
4. The metallographic structure of the angular steel grit is tight, and the angularity is always maintained during the blasting operation.
G14 (S1.7) steel grit application range:
Sand removal, forgings, heat treatments, steel plates, steel pipes and steel pipes of large and medium castings, rust strengthening, surface treatment before coating, stone cutting.
Applicable equipment for G14 (S1.7) steel grit:
Used in various blasting rooms.
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