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Steel wire cutting shot CW1.5
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Steel wire cutting shot CW1.5

Steel wire cutting shot: It is the pellet cut by using steel wire. According to the different steel wire used, it is divided into steel wire cutting shot and steel wire cutting shot grinding shot. It has the characteristics of long service life, high surface brightness and low wear of equipment.
Owen steel wire cutting pellets are made of selected alloy steel wires. After cold drawing to obtain a uniform diameter, after heat treatment to obtain a suitable hardness and metallographic structure, they are cut into uniform pellets with special equipment and can be angled according to different application requirements. Passivation and rounding treatment can be applied to shot peening in many fields.
Owen's steel wire shot is strictly in accordance with the German VDFI8001/2009 (Germany) and the US SAE J441, AMS2431 standards, on the basis of the traditional process, through research and development and innovation, the mechanical properties of the steel wire shot are higher, more stable, and the internal organization is more Density; In addition, the steel wire cutting and grinding pills completely rely on the passivation process of the shot, which reduces the damage of the pellet itself during the shot and improves the service life. It is fully suitable for the G1 grade of the spring industry, the G2 grade of the gear industry, and the G3 for the aviation industry. grade.
Type and characteristics of steel wire cutting shot:
Product type: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
Product features: high hardness, steel wire cutting, no air holes, high durability
Production standard of steel wire shot:
It is produced strictly in accordance with the requirements of the SAE J441 Standard of the American Society of Automotive Engineers and the "JB/T 8354-1996 Steel Wire Shot Pill Standard" of the machinery industry of the People's Republic of China, but the length of the recycled wire is slightly different from the standard.
Application range of steel wire shot:
1. Steel wire shot peening: shot peening, heat treatment shot peening, gear shot peening.
2. Steel wire shot peening: steel shot peening, steel shot peening, shipboard shot peening, steel shot peening, steel shot peening.
3. Steel wire shot blasting cleaning: shot blasting cleaning, shot blasting cleaning, die casting cleaning, casting blasting cleaning, forging shot blasting cleaning, forging shot blasting casting sand cleaning steel plate cleaning, steel cleaning, steel plate cleaning, H-beam cleaning, steel Structural cleanup.
4. Steel wire shot blasting: shot blasting, shot blasting, casting rust, forging rust removing steel plate rust, forging rust removal, steel rust removal, H-shaped steel rust removal Steel structure rust removal.
5. Sandblasting with steel wire cutting shot: sanding treatment.
6. Pre-treatment of steel wire pellets: pre-treatment for painting, pre-treatment for painting, surface pre-treatment, ship-board pre-treatment, section steel pre-treatment, steel pre-treatment, steel plate pre-treatment, steel structure pre-treatment.
7. Steel wire shot blasting: steel plate shot blasting, steel shot blasting, steel shot blasting.
Applicable equipment for steel wire shot:
Steel wire shot blasting is an abrasive used in steel pretreatment production line, steel plate pretreatment production line, steel structure pretreatment production line, shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, sand blasting machine, sand blasting equipment.
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