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S0.3-S2.0 stainless steel shot series
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S0.3-S2.0 stainless steel shot series

Product Name: Stainless Steel Pills The first category is also known as: stainless steel shot blasting, round stainless steel wire cutting shot, stainless steel steel shot, round stainless steel wire cutting shot production process: stainless steel shots are made by cutting and rounding stainless steel wire to get stainless steel shots 、Stainless steel shot blasting, English name: "Conditioned Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot", literally translated as: "passivated stainless steel cut wire shot", where passivation represents the rounded corners of the cylindrical ends; stainless steel wire represents the raw material; cut Pills are made by cutting. To this end, Germany and the International Organization for Standardization have specially formulated the corresponding second method to produce and stipulate that the sphericity of the stainless steel pellets after the cylindrical stainless steel wire cut pellets are passivated by shot blasting are indicated by G1, G2, and G3 marks, respectively. The second category: cast stainless steel pellets obtained by smelting and atomizing cooling.
a moderate hardness, pure ingredients, large coverage;
b. It has no shortcomings such as porosity and special shapes of cast steel shots, and its service life is longer;
c The performance of this product can completely replace imported products, and the price is significantly lower than imported products, saving customers costs, and the consumption of 1 kg of stainless steel pellets is equivalent to the consumption of 17 kg of gold steel sand and the consumption of 100 kg of glass beads; It is equivalent to 3-4 kg of ordinary steel shot; it is equivalent to 3 kg of aluminum shot and zinc shot;
d. After being treated with stainless steel pellets, the surface of the casting is smooth and does not rust, the waste disposal cost is low, the dust during the shot blasting process is small, and no post-treatment such as pickling is required, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
You can choose pre-polished round cut pellets and non-pre-polished pellets, two different shapes of products.
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Name / chemical composition (%)

Steel type C Cr Ni Mn Mo
410 Martensite ≤0.15 11.50-13.50 ≤0.60 ≤1.00  
430 Wire type ≤0.12 16.00-18.00 ≤0.60 ≤1.00  
201 Austenite ≤0.15 16.00-18.00 3.5-5.5 5.50-7.50 12.00
202 Austenite ≤0.15 17.00-19.00 4.0-6.0 7.50-10.0 14.20
304 Austenite ≤0.07 17.00-19.00 8.0-11.0 ≤2.00  
316 Austenite ≤0.08 16.00-18.00 10.0-14.0 ≤2.00 2.0-3.0
tensile strength 1300-2200Mpa
Owen Life 7000 times
Average hardness 38-509HV Vickers 32-50HRC Rockwell
Hardness deviation The maximum deviation range is ±3.0HRC max Deviation±3.0HRC
density 7.8g/m³
Bulk density 4.5g/m³


Note: Other chemical components can be provided according to customer needs.

Specifications: 0.1mm-3.0mm, can be customized according to customer needs.

Large, medium and small castings: The surface oxides are cleaned so that they have a good cleanliness and the required roughness for subsequent processing and painting.

Steel plate pretreatment: used to remove scale, rust and other impurities.

Engineering machinery: remove rust, welding slag, oxide scale, eliminate welding stress, increase the bonding force between the anti-rust coating film and the metal substrate, and improve the anti-rust quality.

Stainless steel plate cleaning: steel plates of different materials require different sizes of abrasive and particle size selection.

Cleaning of steel structural parts, H-shaped steel, C-shaped steel and angle steel.

Corrosion resistance of pipelines: increase corrosion resistance to achieve the required rust removal level and trace depth.

Shot blasting strengthening: strengthening of key parts such as coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, gears, transmission originals, bearings, camshafts, crank wheels, connecting rods, etc.









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