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Surface strengthening

Surface strengthening



Surface strengthening

OW standard products-comply with the most advanced international standards

OW product series, especially developed for customers with the following needs:

Better particle shape

Special hardness range: Rockwell hardness range 54-58

If you have the following requirements, you can skip the OW series and choose OW special series products:

Narrower particle size distribution

Smaller standard deviation of hardness

Special requirements for other abrasive properties




Application market:

Surface strengthening


Automotive and non-motor vehicle springs, drive trains, gears, drive chains...

Energy-turbines, mining and drilling rig parts...

Others-cables, bridges, welded structures...

Our special product series and services allow you to enjoy the following benefits according to your needs:

Achieve higher fatigue performance

Pay more attention to the complete and uniform surface

Ensure process stability

Reduce process costs


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